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Jun 1939
Started manufacturing industrial chemicals
Dec 1943
Changed the corporate name to "YONEYAMA YAKUHIN KOGYO Co., Ltd."
Jun 1960
Started manufacture of amino acid in Mikuni plant, Osaka
Oct 1961
Opened Tokyo branch office
Jun 1965
Opened Ueda branch office in Nagano
Mar 1966
Opened Nagoya branch office
Mar 1968
Opened Hiroshima branch office
Oct 1989
Moved Nagoya branch to a new office
May 1991
Completed a new L-Leucine plant in Mikuni plant
Oct 1991
Mikuni plant registered FDA & DMF for L-Leucine
Nov 1996
Built a new Ueda branch office
Mar 1999
Moved Tokyo branch to a new office
Feb 2002
Mikuni plant obtained ISO9001 certification
Dec 2005
Completed a new amino acid plant in Mikuni plant
May 2006
Moved Hiroshima branch to a new office 
Oct 2007
Obtained ISO14001 certification
May.2016 Gave up ISO14001 certification
Apr 2011
Completed a new office and warehouse building at Mikuni plant
Jul 2018
Launched Pharmaceutical affairs section
Feb 2019
Expanded Cleanroom in Mikuni plant
Jul 2021
Launched Food Materials Sales section
May 2022
Launched Business Promotion Office



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