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Amino Acid Products

Our products, Amino Acids are possible to be produced from a small amount to a large amount in our plant, and we have established a system for efficient supply.
And also, we have carried out contract manufacturing of amino acids as raw materials for pharmaceutical synthesis, cosmetics raw materials and medium composition, etc… and related substances.
We have another manufacturing performance products in addition to the products on the list and we also have a good stock, so please feel free to contact us there is something you are looking for.

Monosaccharide Products

This is one of the physiologically important saccharides. We manufacture D(+)-Galactose mainly.


We've carried out our manufacturing mainly in Mikuni plant in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka city.
We've been manufacturing a wide variety of products since its founding and been coping with the facilities and the equipment depending on the era, and we have production facilities that can correspond to the GMP and food additives currently.
We have gained ISO 9001 certification to maintain the quality of world-class in the strict management system and then we've been working on our daily production.

amino acid plant



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